REBEL GIRLSWork on your summer soul; not your beach body.


Our latest signed residents are a rebellious-spirited community, dedicated to fighting back against ‘Diet Culture’ and the dangerous body and beauty ideals that come with it. They’re lined up to throw events in our venues that promote body acceptance, fat positivity & self-love!

Their first sold out event, Being Body Powerful held at The Book Club this week with fat positivity Instagram influencer: BodyPosiPanda, aka Megan Jayne Crabbe. Their riot was anything but quiet. With coverage from The Metro, The Unedit, and in print in Grazia and the Telegraph. Body positive life drawing; intuitive eating classes and a market for plus sized festival clothes are all coming up at Hoxton Square.


ELSC promote the self-organisation of strippers / lapdancers in London and the UK, challenging societal attitudes towards stripclub activity by uniting performers, creating their own working conditions and empowering dancers.

We’re honoured to have them running a unique series of events challenging you to forget everything you know about stripping.

Stay tuned for more info on their events.


Celebrating women in science, we welcomed our 2017 residents The Vagina Museum and Guerilla Science. Our residents put on sold-out runs of events featuring from lucid dreaming workshops to talks given by bestselling authors. We’re proud that both our winter residents have chosen to permanently join the SuperCulture family in 2018, with a programme of events spanning the year.


The Vagina Museum is a project to build the world's first vagina museum all about vaginas, vulvas and the people who have them. They sold out all events and gained coverage from The Independent, Timeout London, The Evening Standard, The Huffington Post, Culture Whisper and many more; smashing it out the park for vaginas everywhere. 

Guests joined us for a Hidden Figures Screening at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, with a panel afterwards with women of colour who work in STEM. Hoxton Square also welcomed Emma Rees to speak on her bestselling book on ‘Vulvanomics’, The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History.

Over at The Book Club, team Vagina hosted Hysterical, an all-female comedy night guaranteed to slay, following a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Book Club also hosted the scariest of all vaginas: one with TEETH on Halloween eve, with Q&A afterwards with Amanda DiGioia, expert in horror and feminism and author of "Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts: The Marginalized and the Monstrous".

November saw London’s also only science cabaret hosted by the Vagina Museum, with Dr Jiggs Bowson and Her Charming Science Friends, closing out the residency with a full sold out run. 


We also welcomed Guerilla Science, who are committed to connecting people with science in new ways, and producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze. Having run their events everywhere from Glastonbury Festival and the Barbican to Kensington Palace and the Welcome Collection; we’re we were thrilled to have Guerilla Science as one of our launch partners for SuperCulture. The team sold out their entire run, with repeat events of Fright Night and Sensory Speed Dating coming up next year at The Book Club due to popular demand.

At the Book Club joined us for Halloween’s Fright Night, where guests delved into their darkest nightmares and learned lucid dreaming techniques to overcome these. They then ran a quiz for the brave new world, pitting facts against fiction to uncover the science behind fake news with Have I Got Fake News For You? 

At the Queen of Hoxton, the Guerrilla team will hosted Sensory Speed Dating, an interactive exploration of love, neuroscience and the senses. Forget love at first sight, what about love at first nose? Guests discovered what the smell of sweat tells us about a prospective partner, how eating raw kale and apricots transforms our capacity for flirtation, and why long vocal chords are sexy.


SuperCulture celebrated our 2018 Spring residents, gal-dem, Gyal Flex and Sex+ zine. Events were focused on capturing the interest publications had on January’s wellness push but giving over the reins to women of colour, who are so often left out of the conversation.


On the last Sunday of January, February and March, Gal-dem hosted Self-Care Sundays at The Book Club, where guests will be given inspired and challenged to learn to love themselves, with talks and workshop activities. They also celebrated the stories of WoC with their Gal-Dem Storytelling live; themed on Nostalgia and Sadness. All their events sold out in a matter of hours, and we’re excited to continue to work with them in coming months to keep providing platforms for WoC to tell their own stories. 

Gyal Flex

“New you”? Oh hell nah. Gyal Flex nowpermanently host monthly Hip Hop Yoga classes, flipping the script and help you develop the you you already are! They have classes at  The Book Club as they prepare the mind and body with badass hip hop yoga and meditation classes, ready to focus your energy and pour it into our intentions ready to live life just like Aunty Jill Scott preached, “Living my life like it’s golden”.

If that wasn’t enough, Gyal Flex’s Sanchia and Holiday debuted the first ever RnB and UK Garage yoga and meditation classes (yeah you read that correctly) at the Green Room in Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and this is now a regular event. All they ask is that you bring your bredrins, bring the mandem and that good good energy.

SEX+ Zine

We’re buzzing to have Sex+ zine joined us to celebrate sex - which as well know can be good for the soul. The Sex+ team are battling misinformation, judgement and shame and they’re doing it with style.

With a series of panels held at The Book Club, they explored topics often deemed taboo, such as BDSM, fat bodies and the role of porn; featuring groundbreaking speakers such as dominatrix Goddess Qadesh. They took it a step further at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, with the UK’s first ‘fat’ cabaret, Phat!. With performers from Canada, France and the UK they celebrated the movement, grace, bawdiness and skill of fat performers, followed by a panel discussing the relationship people have with their bodies in performance.

Sex+ will be hosting sex positive speed dating; glee clubs and cooking classes as time goes on this year. We’re buzzed to have them in the family.